Products Overview

EC Industrial PC based Control

  • EMPC Industrial grade PC including RS232, CAN Ethernet
  • EMIO IO and axis module with 8 axis connections, digital IO analog inputs
  • EMSM Motor driver card for 3 axis
EMPC Industrial grade PC, 2xRS232, Ethernet, CAN EMIO IO Module 8xAxis,  24xDIn, 24xDOut ,8xAIn, 2xPWM EMSM Motor driver card for 3 Axis


PICO ARM based PLC and Motion controller

  • 80 MHz ARM CPU controller, 24V supply
  • 16xDIn/AIn, 8xDOut 3xAxis
  • RS232, CAN

  PICO ARM Controller

RobotPcUI Windows based Robot Programming Environment for EC Controls

  • Windows based robot programming tool
  • Ethernet connection to target control
  • Simple Teach In programming, debugging step by step, inspect all internal variables
  • BASIC like programming language
Robot PC Developement Tool, Main Page Robot PC Developement Tool, Debug Page


Application Sample Robot Loader for Panel Handling

  • Up to 16 Axis Robot systems
  • Complex geometry interpolations
  • Customized user interface


Robot Control, Manual Operation Page  Robot Arm, 5 Axis 


Application Sample Peeling Machine for PCB Mass Production

  • 11 Axis high precise machine functions
  • Mass production proof, 24hours, 365 days per year
Peeler Main Page Peeler Settings